Paul Robinson 1 August - 31 August 2020

Joint Exhibition with Karen Brighton.

There is no doubt about it, London is a city that inspires. From artists like Monet to Canaletto to the artists painting London today, it continues to be a muse.  The city has been depicted again and again through artists' eyes, their brushstrokes attempting to capture some of the magic of London.  Both Paul Robinson and Karen Brighton have done exactly this.  Although both artists are observers of people, they have very different styles yet complement one another perfectly.  
In contrast, Paul’s paintings portray a different London, the city that he made his home for 22 years.  His paintings are wonderfully narrative, each one tells a story, a cameo of the lives of ordinary people going about their daily lives. Paul enjoys creating texture through the manipulation of his chosen medium, in this case oil.   He finds humour in everyday situations and his paintings never fail to make you smile - their titles make them all the more difficult to resist.

 This joint exhibition featuring artists Paul Robinson and Karen Brighton will be available to view at the gallery on Saturday 1st August (by appointment) and will continue to run until 22nd August.  

Image Illustrated:  She knew he was staring, her expression was prim, she'd just been to the parlour to have a quick trim.. | oil on canvas | 36 x 46 cm

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