Current Exhibition

Rachel Cronin, 18 November 2023 - 31 December 2023

Exhibition 'Between the Lines'

We are delighted to introduce a collection of paintings by British landscape artist Rachel Cronin.

Rachel creates abstract landscapes building up layers of paint and glazes to add to the texture of the painting. Paint is sanded back and then reapplied with previous compositions and experiments just visible beneath the work. The painting is finished not when it looks like the original vision but when it feels like it. 

Her background in working with watercolour is apparent through her use of dripping glazes and translucent...

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Winter Exhibition, 2 December 2023 - 31 January 2024

Welcome to our Winter Exhibition.

If there was ever a time to treat yourself or someone else, then this is it!

Our winter exhibition features new paintings by gallery artists:

Sarah Wimperis, Richard Adams, Anna Perlin, Robbie Wraith RP, Elsa Taylor, Jane Hooper, Julian Carr, Caroline Bays, James Kerr,  Anne-Marie Butlin, Chris Sims, Silvi Schaumloeffel, Phil Smith, Vanessa Cooper, Christian Moore, Felice Hodges, Noel Ashton, Sue Jones and introducing the work by new artists to the gallery, Frances Clark-Stone,Wormwood Stubbs, Roman Goss and Peter Hayes


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Forthcoming Exhibitions