Vanessa Cooper 15 October - 29 October 2022

Opens Saturday,15th October from 9.30am - 5.00pm.  Join us for a glass of champagne and meet the artiist.  

Vanessa Cooper’s paintings make your heart sing, and she openly admits that she strives to produce paintings “that make people feel good.” Thirteen years ago, Brian summed her work up in three words, ‘Joie de Vivre’ and the term has been used by countless people over the years to describe her work. She revels in the beauty of nature and her painting ’Spring Dawn Magic’ is a beautiful example of how she observes the shades that nature puts together when looking for inspiration. Her vases of flowers overflow with vitality, texture and life. These still life paintings are far from ’still' - they are full of joy and a delight to behold. 

Merriment is another word that goes hand in hand with Vanessa’s work. ’Sausage Party’ for example depicts dog heaven for anyone that has owned a four-legged friend. Her animal paintings are part of a series for which she has become noted, packed with humour and English eccentricity. 

Vanessa Cooper has been painting since her early teens. She was born and grew up in Hampshire and studied at Portsmouth University. Since 1987, when she first began exhibiting, she has built her reputation with her unique and recognisable style. Vanessa has exhibited at the Royal College of Art and the Royal Western Academy, and her work can be found in private collections throughout the UK and overseas.

We hope you enjoy this, Vanessa’s seventh solo exhibition with the gallery.

Painting illustrated: Moon Dance / oil on board  | 30 x 30 cm

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