Vanessa Cooper 7 November - 21 November 2020

It is impossible not to smile when you see a Vanessa Cooper painting, but that’s not why she’s given the title ‘Keep Smiling’ to this, her sixth exhibition with the gallery.  In her words “In this recent time of crisis I have felt even more aware that happiness comes from appreciating the simple things in life.  Even a broad smile from someone can get me through the day, and so I hope this exhibition not only makes you smile but grin, beam and quite possibly laugh.”

Vanessa explains:  "Nature has always been very present in my paintings and I’ve recently become even more grateful for its wonder and endless inspiration.  My painting ‘The Tree of Life’ is a celebration of nature, the glass dome protecting our native species we are so fortunate to find on our doorstep. For those interested, the order of the branches begins with Oak, then Apple, Beech, Hazel, Cherry, Pear, Rowan, Yew and finally Passion Flower, to symbolise love.”  

Vanessa’s paintings are a delightful combination of naivety balanced with playful humour and a confident sense of colour.  Brian sums up the feeling evoked by her work in just three words - joie de vivre!  Who’d have thought dogs could actually enjoy ‘Bath Time’, but in the world of Vanessa Cooper, they look positively carefree, especially the dachshund.  In the painting 'The Good Life' - how much fun can a group of goats and chickens have? Never have I seen a goat looking quite so perky!

Hampshire born, Vanessa Cooper has been painting since her early teens.  She studied at Portsmouth University and had her first exhibition in 1987.  Her work has been exhibited at the Royal College of Art, Royal Western Academy and Chelsea Art Fair.  Her inimitable style results in paintings which are so appealing they are impossible to resist.  Everyone should have one in their home. 

Painting illustrated: In the Hedgerow | oil on wood panel | 61 x 61 cm.  To view the full exhibition click here

Exhibition Catalogue available.