John Maxwell-Steele 13 October - 26 October 2019


The nature of art in all it's complexities has one constant theme: it has to move the viewer in some way, be it frightening, relaxing or challenging; it is the artist's job, or hope, to make that contact.  In John Mawell-Steele's case, he makes it very plain that his paintings take you by the scruff of the neck and give you a good shake. Paintings that possess such dynamic energy as these, are bound to elicit a strong response in the viewer.  One can almost hear the excitement of the artist as he slaps on the painting, layer upon layer of colour, immersing himself in the landscape, almost part of it.  These paintings have little to do with depicting a particular subject, everything to do with the feeling evoked by landscape in its more extreme form.  They are inspired by the artist's move from Knowle, near Birmingham to the wilder shore of Cornwall.  They move from the land to the sea finishing with 'Towards Sennen' (illustrated - mixed media on canvas - 87 x 87 cm), near to his home.  Brian Sinfield

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