Jane Hooper 17 September 2022 - 2 October 2022

Jane's paintings depict simple subjects, often still life arrangements of vases, jugs, flowers on a table commonly found in her everyday domestic environment. Her muted palette gives her paintings a tonal subtlety and her choice of limited subjects give a purity to her work  She’s an artist that will make you crave more wall space.

Painting for a solo exhibition is demanding for any artist but Jane explains: “It is enjoyable and fun at the same time. It constantly drives you to produce more work, and to consider what you are doing with both subject matter and composition, and I relish every minute. I like to look at my still life in a different way, not the inanimate objects that they are, but to give them life the way I see them. Never a straight line or a true curve, but a line that is unsteady and diverts from the norm. Looking at an ordinary object and creating a painting that then becomes my interpretation, sometimes something nostalgic like a set of old scales, and then making it recognisable as mine is a special feeling.”

Jane has a distinctive style and is naturally drawn to a muted colour palette. Keeping her palette simple pays special attention to the objects as the main focal point of her work and gives it continuity. There is real passion and purity to her uncomplicated still life, a technique that she has mastered for over twenty years.

Buckingham based Jane has a distinctive style that appeals to her buyers. Collectors of her work can be found across the UK and overseas, and we are thrilled to be holding this, Jane’s second solo exhibition ‘Still Life and Me’.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Image illustrated: Sunflowers | oil on canvas | 100 x 100 cm (featured on the TV programme ‘Old House, New Home’ with George Clarke)

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