Elsa Taylor 11 July - 25 July 2020

A natural colourist, Elsa's abstract imagery, combined with her confident use of colours, create delicious harmonies.  Her flower pieces are not simply depictions of flowers but vibrant celebrations of colour and texture.   She will take time mixing her palette, sometimes up to two hours.  This mixing of colours gives great depth to her paintings, and in the hands of a master, such as Elsa Taylor, the result is intoxicating.  

Like many of the best abstract painters, Elsa's work evolved from a traditional base. The Cotswolds, where she lives and paints, with its soft rolling hills and ancient stone villages, has undoubtedly been a strong inspiration, as have the very different landscapes of Cornwall, Scotland and Italy, all of which she visits often. 

"Whether you are drawn to landscapes or still life, these are paintings of the heart and mind and of imagination.  I would defy anyone standing in front of a painting by Elsa Taylor not to be moved" - Brian Sinfield