Annie Rouse 10 May - 23 May 2020

Annie Rouse clearly has a great love of painting.  Her pictures say it all.  They chart the passage of time, she says, journeys made, stories told, notes in sketchbooks, scratches on walls and old songs.  

There is nothing overworked in these paintings.  Instead there is a quirky almost childlike spontaneity, a love of drawing, of texture and the viscosity of oil paint laid on thickly.

Most of her paintings are in a large format, better to carry her vision, though in this exhibition there are also some delightful smaller works.

Occasionally she moves towards abstract, with blocks of colour.  Isolated images within a composition - vases of tea cups, flowers, mugs, oranges and lemons pack her canvasses.

Undoubtedly there are influences, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder OBE, RA, RSA, the Scottish painter is one, but like all good artists she takes from the best and disregards the rest, putting a stamp on her own work.