Paul Robinson 2 - 22 April 2017

Humour is a powerful emotion and it is this that often strikes you first about Paul Robinson's paintings, and then it is texture and colour.  But there is another vital ingredient, one that he shares with that other observer of people, Helen Bradley, and of course Lowry, and that is narrative - each picture tells a story, a cameo of the life of ordinary people going about their daily lives, often windblown, snowbound or drenched by a downpour, handbags flapping, dogs pulling.  In a way they are timeless, though having said this there are undeniably echoes here of the 1950s.

Each picture is accompanied by a lengthy caption, something he also shares with Bradley.  Although London scenes frequently still feature, the artist's move from London to Norfolk in 1999 saw a dramatic change in his work as he
discovered a whole new world of country towns, green hillsides, stormy seas and lots of space, a complete contrast to the cityscapes of London.

Paul Robinson was born in born in Penrith, Cumbria in 1959, and later studied Fine Art at Carlisle College of Art.

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