The world would be destroyed for generations to come. 'Compiler') and Veda Vyāsa (वेदव्यासः, veda-vyāsaḥ, "the one who classified the Vedas"), is the traditional author of the Mahabharata, and Puranas, as well as the traditional compiler of the Vedas, some of the most important works in the Hindu tradition. He was the last Veda Vyasasof 28 such Veda Vyasas. All the ally kings were dead and Duryodhana was the only one of the hundred brothers still alive, if only barely. We created this community for people from all backgrounds to discuss Spiritual, Paranormal, Metaphysical, Philosophical, Supernatural, and Esoteric subjects. For example, Ambika and Ambalika were made to copulate with Veda Vyasa to beget progeny for the kingdom of Hastinapura. but he is still alive is very big thing. veda vyasa - Devotions, knowledge, philosophy, tenacity, etc. Over time,more than 90 % of the Vedas got lost as the tradition did not meet the required discipline.We have barely a few shaakhas alive from each Veda today. Vyasa. Vyasa means to divide and sort. After King Pandu died, you are the father not only of the Kauravas, but also of the Pāṇdavas. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima, for it is the day believed to be both his birthday and the day he divided the Vedas. Ashwadhama, Bali King/Chakravarthi, Vyasa Maharshi, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Krupacharya, Parashurama are known as Saptha Chiranjeevis, other than them Rishi Markandeya also considered to be eighth Chiranjeevi and one who remembers these great personalities by chanting this sloka daily will live his life completely without any obstacles. ‘Veda Vyasa’s mental sharpness got suddenly dipped and his efforts to take up the challenge of scripting eighteeen Maha Puranas to show the beackon light on the values of Dharma and Nyaaya or Virtue and Justice to the posterity. In contrast, all the five Paandavas were alive. Even then,The available Vedas are powerful beyond imagination.Imagine the frequency at which our planet would vibrate if the entirety of the Vedas were preserved. Vyasa’s Achievements. Veda Vyasa original name was Krishna Dwaipayana. Etymology. Welcome to Spiritual Forums!. Drishtadhyumna, brother of Draupadi, and their general had lead their forces to victory in all the battles. Vyasa Purnima or Guru Purnima message given on the 27th of July, 1980. He classified the Veda into 4 parts and further he divided into 18 Maha Puranas [by Veda vibhajana] which are over 4 Lakh Slokas, for the convenience of people in Kali Yuga, because people in this yuga will have a short span of life compared to other Yugas. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. Chiranjivis is a Sanskrit word which is a combination of two words “Chiram” which means “long” and “Jivi” means “lived”. Vyasa, also known as Veda Vyasa, is the author and narrator of the celebrated Hindu mythology text Mahabharata. According to The Mahabharata, Ashvatthama means "the sacred voice which relates to that of a horse". We should be guilty of a grave offence if the seven or eight sakhas of the 1, 180 that still survive become extinct because of our neglect: there will be no expiation for the same. Vyasa in Sanskrit means the compiler and he classified the Vedas. Vyasa told Satyavati of the deception, and then disappeared; thus Vidura a dharmatma was born to the maid. Veda Vyasa is a post and there will be a different Vyaasa for every Maha Yuga (4 Yugas together is a Mahayuga). What was John Dee doing in Bohemia from 1583 to 1589 during his secret mission? A sage who narrated the Mahabharata, he is also known as Veda Vyasa or Krishna Dvaipayana. Vyasa is also the author of the four Vedas, and it is believed that he divided the Vedas on the day celebrated as Guru Purnima. According to legends, Veda Vyasa was the type of character that alwayshad full loyalty and faith for the Vedas meaning he had Veda Niṣṭha. The festival of Guru Purnima is dedicated to him. The story got even more interesting later, since there was a panel that depicted Shankaracharya getting lessons from Veda Vyasa (the author of the Mahabharata, for the uninitiated). Vedic Cosmology. Did Vyasa write the Vedas? We know that he had full faith on the Vedas since at a very young age he had mastered Vedas as well as the Sastras, literature, mythology, history and other branches of knowledge. The Ludibria rosicruciana. Ashwatthama is the son of Dronacharya and Kripi. The central theme of the Mahabharata is an exploration of how an individual can elevate himself in a world full of paths and sects that compete with one another to entice him. Also referred to as Vyasa Muni and Krishna Dvaipaayana (owing to his dark complexion and birthplace), he was the one who classified the Vedas. Bhagavan Veda Vyasa has used these and other episodes like war merely as instruments for establishing and propounding the eternal value called Dharma. We can call it the golden age!