At first we tried making it with strong brewed coffee but the Frappuccino tasted watered down and not quite like Starbucks so we decided to give instant coffee a shot and it was definitely the right choice. Read my disclosure and copyright policy. While you’re skipping the bun on your burger order, you can still enjoy some condiments, too. If you enjoyed this recipe and would like to publish it on your own website, please re-write it, in your own words and link back to my site and recipe page. I’ve been an Americano drinker for the longest of times. cookbook. That means it would typically be a no-no for a keto lifestyle. Or you can order a burger from any fast food establishment and remove the bun yourself. While I like to stick to the classic coffee frappuccino, you can easily change up the flavors to some of Starbuck’s most popular flavors. In a Starbucks frappuccino, you’d be looking at 400 calories, 65 grams of carbs, and a whopping 59 grams of sugar. Enjoying it iced also removes most of the carbs, as the hot version has excess milk. This keto coffee frappuccino is a low carb and sugar free twist on the famous Starbucks frozen blended beverage! Why homemade? A Flat White typically comes with a highly concentrated shot of espresso and steamed whole milk … A frappuccino typically contains between 50 and 80 grams of carbs, based on the nutrition information on the Starbucks website. That one drink contains nearly 3 days worth of carbs on a keto diet! I don’t know about you, but those numbers really blow my mind! The most common low carb coffee drink at starbucks is a Flat White. Tall Keto Starbucks Frappuccino: 305 Calories | 30g Fat | 3g Total Carbs | 0g Fiber | 0g Sugar | 3g Protein | 3g Net Carbs This post may contain affiliate links. This Keto Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino recipe is sugar-free, low carb copycat version of Starbucks Matcha Creme Frappuccino. It seeks to put the body into “ketosis,” a metabolic state in which fat provides most of the fuel for the body. Starbucks is known for their Frappuccinos, but the base is very much a no-go for keto dieters (it is pretty much all sugar). ** For a richer texture and flavor, use heavy cream or half and half. You just have to give each order some careful consideration. Undiluted cold brew to the bottom line, heavy cream to the middle , 1-2 packets sweetener(we carry stevia, Splenda , equal, sweet n low, as well as sugar-free vanilla or sugar-free cinnamon dolce>1-2 pumps based on your preference), 1-2 scoops of protein powder, tall scoop ice, double-blended. Simple ingredients and ready in seconds, they contain less than 1 gram net carb per beverage! Ask for all sauces and dressings on the side, especially if you’re unsure how the dressing is made. When it comes to keto Starbucks drinks, I love whipping up a peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, or this keto frappucino. My 16-ounce Keto Coffee Frappuccino contains less than 2 carbs. Fans of keto dieting are nothing if not creative. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, How To Buy Your Girl Scout Cookies Online This Cookie Season. Add all your ingredients into a high speed blender and blend until the ice has been broken down and the frappe is thick. Transfer to two tall glasses and top with whipped cream and drizzle with caramel sauce. You can do this by ordering an unsweetened iced coffee, heavy cream instead of milk, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and blended up Frappuccino-style. I looove my Starbucks mocha Frappuccino and I was really missing it bad coz Starbucks was unable to make it anymore after I became low carb/keto, so I thought why not experiment with making some on my own and OMG ! The base recipe to make a chocolate keto frappuccino is to combine the following simple ingredients. For example, you can enjoy a skinny iced caramel macchiato by replacing the syrup with sugar free caramel syrup. Each of these would still be low carb and have less than 2 grams net carbs per beverage! The comparison between a Starbucks frappuccino and a homemade one is ginormous- You could technically have over 9 servings of the homemade ones! So a caramel light frappuccino used to be my go-to drink at Starbucks before I started a keto diet a year and a half ago. In my homemade frappuccino, your macros would be 42 calories, 1 gram of carbs, and ZERO grams of sugar. Required fields are marked *. Subscribe to our newsletter. If you’re craving a frappuccino, dolcelatte, or any other of your favorite Starbucks drinks, there’s a low-carb option out there to take care of your needs. Nevertheless, if you do try the keto diet, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on foods that you enjoy. In fact, replacing all the liquid with heavy cream sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen. Keto Frappuccino. If you’re looking for even more keto-friendly hacks for eating out, here are a few tips to remember: The first rule in no-carb eating? For example, The Keto Blog has a recipe for a “mock” Wendy’s-inspired Frosty that won’t undermine your keto goals. Here’s what you’ll have to ask the barista for, according to Hip2Keto: “Tall unsweetened iced coffee with extra ice, two pumps of sugar free Cinnamon Dolce syrup, and two shots of heavy whipping cream, blended Frappuccino-style but with NO Frappuccino base and NO Frappuccino syrups.”, The website also mentions, “If you want to sweeten it further, add a packet or two of Splenda or another sugar alternative you prefer.”. Keto “Frappuccino”: Ask your barista for a tall cold brew coffee with heavy cream. This keto coffee frappuccino is a low carb and sugar free take on the famous Starbucks frozen blended beverage! So, I decided to put together a list of over 15 Starbucks keto drinks and snacks that you can find on the menu – or make from the menu. Keto Starbucks Vanilla Caramel Frappuccino (Copycat Recipe) 5.0 / 9 ratings. … If you frequently purchased Frappuccinos from Starbucks in your pre-keto life, you’ll be happy to know that this keto copycat version is not like many of the Frappuccino copycats out there. Not to mention it pairs perfectly with our Easy and Quick Keto Banana Bread. Fortunately, you can often recreate your fast food favorites at home after doing a little research. Here’s what you’ll need to make this copycat keto Starbucks frappuccino: Chilled brewed coffee; Unsweetened almond milk; Heavy cream; Ice ; Cocoa powder ; Swerve sweetener; MCT oil (optional) Almond Milk Redi Whip (optional, for topping) The keto diet requires you to stay away from carbs, eat a fair amount of protein and a lot of fat instead of a lot of sugar. Share 15 Comments. What you can do, however, is to order a keto-friendly version. The Perfect Keto website has a full list of condiments that are OK for you to eat in moderation, including mustard, enchilada sauce, Sriracha and a pickle! Home » Breakfast » Smoothies and Shakes » Keto Frappuccino. In a high speed blender, add all your ingredients, except for the whipped cream and caramel, and blend until combined and smooth. This keto coffee frappuccino is a low carb and sugar free take on the famous Starbucks frozen blended beverage! RELATED: You’ve got to see what one Starbucks barista wrote on “Stranger Things” actress Shannon Purser’s cup: There you go — a sweet treat from Starbucks that stays on the keto diet. All you’ll need for this frappe is: 2 cups of Cold Water; 2 tbsp Instant Coffee; 1/4 cup Heavy Cream; 1 tbsp Almond Oil; 1 tsp Vanilla Extract; 1 tsp Liquid Erythritol Your email address will not be published. A frappuccino typically contains between 50 and 80 grams of carbs, based on the nutrition information on the Starbucks website. The texture is thick and creamy. Copying and/or pasting full recipes and pictures to social media or personal blogs is strictly prohibited. However, for a few more carbs than these other drinks, you can still hit the spot without … The main rule is to use sugar-free ingredients and lactose-free milk to keep it keto-friendly. You don’t need many ingredients to whip up a keto frappuccino first thing in the morning! Your barista might hate you because it’s a … Follow me on Instagram: @ksalom Follow Cody on Instagram: @c.rogers25 I GOT A P.O. My name is Arman Liew, and I’m stoked to have you here! Best of all, these ideas have 5 net carbs or less, and cost under $6! This delicious Keto Frappe is super satisfying and only contains 3.2g net carbs! Keto Starbucks Copycat Mocha Frappuccino The BEST Low-Carb/Keto recipe for Starbucks Copycat Mocha Frappuccino. Sometimes the easiest way not to blow your diet is by preparing all or most of your meals yourself. Keto Coffee Frappuccino Ingredients. My most recent solution is this Low Carb Sugar Free Caramel Frappuccino! Keto Starbucks Frappuccino — 5.5g Net Carbs The trick here is avoiding the liquid Frappuccino base, which is basically just a giant splash of gloopy sugar. We’ve Been Grating Cheese Wrong This Whole Time, How To Make A Festive Christmas Candy Train, nutrition information on the Starbucks website, Woman’s Ornament To Honor Late Husband Goes Viral, Florida Is Testing To See How Pythons Can Be Safely Eaten To Combat Overpopulation. Combine 1 tablespoon instant coffee with 2 tablespoon boiling water. 2 cups of Ice; ½ cup of Coffee, brewed and chilled; ¾ cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk; 2 tablespoons of Heavy Cream; 2 teaspoons of Erythritol, or your preferred amount of sweetener; 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence; Keto Whipped Cream, to serve; Keto Chocolate Fudge Sauce, to serve; How to Make a Keto Coffee Frappuccino I agree to the terms & conditions and want to receive emails from Hip2Keto. Fun Game: Take a shot every time I say "frappuccino" in this video. Since the frap base is full of sugar, it’s a no-no on a keto diet. 15 Keto Starbucks … Please refer to the blog post for other flavor options, like a Keto Mocha frappuccino, Keto Java Chip Frappuccino, and others. Honestly, it seems pretty yummy! Furthermore, you swap out the milk in most drinks for heavy cream or a mix of heavy cream and water. To solve this problem, you can do a work around. While Starbucks doesn’t actually state in their stores or on their website, there ARE ways to enjoy several beverages without sugar and carbs. No sugar, no dairy, and almost zero carbs, but you’d never tell. No sugar needed and less than 1 gram carb per serving! Your email address will not be published. When it comes to HOMEMADE Starbucks drinks, those are my favorites. Just make sure they don’t add any Frappuccino base or Frappuccino … According to the keto website, bleu cheese, Caesar and ranch dressing are OK to drizzle on your salads. Initially, this never bothered me. To make a Starbucks Frappuccino keto, you have to know this one secret: You can ask your barista to blend any cold drink you want Frappuccino-style. Here you’ll find delicious HEALTHY recipes, inspirational travel, and lifestyle, all served with a side of cheeky banter. But with this keto-friendly hack, you can bring a little more Starbucks back into your routine. Luckily, you can easily make your own at home, in particular the famous Frappucino! Even if you aren’t ordering something obviously full of sugar, like a Frappuccino™, a “keto-friendly” coffee can still wreak havoc on your diet. So, who else is trying to memorize their new go-to Starbucks order right about now? These keto frappucinos are a game changer. Enjoy this delicious drink at only ~5g Net Carb / Serving. It has a sweet and strong coffee flavor, that can be customized with extra keto syrup and whipped cream. Yes, if you have an intolerance to caffeine, you can use decaffeinated espresso or instant coffee. Thanks for stopping by The Big Man’s World ®. You will love this delicious low carb caramel frappe that tastes just like the one at Starbucks but without the loaded carbs and sugars. Low Carb Sugar Free Caramel Frappuccino Occasionally I’d add some creamer or syrup, but even then, they were the sugar free options! No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars- 4 Ingredients! Simple ingredients and ready in seconds, they contain less than 1 gram net … So of course, I had to try my hand at a copycat low-carb/keto Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino and let me tell you, it ‘ll knock your socks off it’s that good!!. Viral TikTok Shows Woman Rinsing Her Ground Beef—But Should You? Breakfast is served! This Low-Carb Copycat Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino tastes just like a Starbuck’s frappe without the carbs! * If you don't have a coffee machine (like a Nespresso or similar), you can use instant coffee. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make this keto iced coffee beverage. This sugar-free frappuccino is rich, sweet, and creamy! ! How To Make Keto Caramel Frappuccino. To order a low-carb Frappuccino, request an iced coffee blended Frappuccino-style with a splash of heavy whipping cream and (optional) sweetener like stevia or sugar-free syrup. That means it would typically be a no-no for a keto lifestyle. Transfer to large glasses and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce, if desired. !…I’m glad I did !! It includes a no sugar added matcha powder, collagen peptides, and a keto-friendly sweetener. Frappuccino – Request it sugar free with one of the sugar free syrups listed above (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dulce, or Mocha) Fresh Coffee – Of course you can order this with cream and/or Splenda but if you want a little extra flavor, add one of the sugar free syrups and you have yourself a keto coffee. Here is a SERIOUSLY good keto Frappuccino copycat recipe you will absolutely love! That’s 80 times … My secret tips and tricks to DELICIOUS healthy desserts that DON'T taste healthy! In order to keep my sanity (and everyone else’s in my house), I had to come up with solutions. Looking to keep your low-carb keto diet on track but still squeeze in that 3:00 p.m. Starbucks drink? Cutting carbs is the name of the game, so you’re going to want to avoid breaded or fried meats. Page 1 of 1. Keto Connect suggests stepping away from the sugary Frappuccino bases on the menu and customizing your own drink to get the same sort of flavor without the extra sugar. Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. Wait, maybe I should rename that. Enter Starbucks copycat recipes. Keto-friendly Frappuccino. This guilt-free, healthy Frappuccino is perfect for those following a low-carb, … Keto At Starbucks A grande 16 oz frappuccino blended coffee at Starbucks contains 48 grams of carbs, this homemade keto frappuccino Starbucks copycat recipe contains only 0.6 g net carbs! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Plus, it is easy to make in a blender. Don’t order the bun. Not only do these taste incredible, but they are so much cheaper than actual Starbucks ones! From my observation, Starbucks is often the culprit behind a keto weight loss stall. BOX! Sugar Free and Keto Starbucks Drinks. The Hip2Keto website has your Starbucks order planned out so you can still enjoy that boost of caffeine while keeping sugar at a minimum. Ordering keto at Starbucks can be extremely easy if you know what you’re doing! It will satisfy your craving on a hot summer day. The Big Man’s World ® Arman Liew owns the copyright on all images and text and does not allow for its original recipes, pictures and content to be reproduced anywhere other than this site unless authorization is given.