Cerave Renewing SA Cream comes in a tub and is a thicker version of the SA lotion and contains similar ingredients with the addition of niacinamide. I use Cerave in the tub for arms and legs and under my eyes sometimes, but the Cerave Lotion in the bottle feels great on my face as a daily moisturizer. A lot of people think these two products are identical. According to Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell, a board-certified dermatologist at Detroit Medical Center, this face moisturizing lotion contains humectant compounds and ceramides that work wonders for the skin. I read a paper looking at various creams/moisturizers and their pH, and cerave cream's hydrophilicity rating came out at a 99% or something like that. For many with dry skin, it is simply not enough to have lotion with moisturizing properties, they also need the cream to get locked on, and stay on their skin to achieve its long-lasting effect. The Lotion contains (but in tub does not): Polysorbate 20, Polyglyceryl 3 Diisostearate. I have used CeraVe Pm. My beloved cerave cream burns like hell. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Gn6taqRu2C8/TVC1rSDPtoI/AAAAAAAACVE/chmonhJdg3s/s1600/nivea%2Bcreme.jpg. I use the cream all over my body though. Fast absorbing, lots of humectants/ceramides. I prefer the lotion. My skin type is relatively balanced (not dry or oily). Like moisturizers, lotions should be designed to hydrate the skin. I didn't realize that either, I used http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Gn6taqRu2C8/TVC1rSDPtoI/AAAAAAAACVE/chmonhJdg3s/s1600/nivea%2Bcreme.jpg and it seemed like I was breaking out more so I stopped using it and switched to Burt's Bees lotion- expensive but it works, I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the CeraVe lotion broke me out. It sinks into my skin quickly and doesn’t feel sticky to me. These three products are the only things I use for my skincare routine, and since cutting out the extraneous other … You have my vote , I don't have such case with CeraVe products and i thought for body cream should be enough , I haven't got the chance to use baby version but will give it a try for face sometime , niacinamide is the best ingredient.. the cream has petroleum so it is a big no. What do you say? But what a surprise that after only 3 days of using it twice a day, the skin around my cheeks, nose and mouth developed a horrible and itchy rash, which my dermatologist later confirmed was contact dermatitis. For Dry Skin: “Started using CeraVe Facial Moisturizer as I had been using their under eye cream and had gotten good results with it. Do you have the link to that paper? The company makes products for normal-to-dry skin, normal-to-oily skin and dry-to-extra dry skin. the type of ceramides: CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion uses ceramide 3, ceramide 6-ii, and ceramide 1, while Equate uses ceramide np, ceramide ar, and ceramide eop. Lotions, however, are meant for full-body coverage and thus typically have a lighter consistency that allows users to spread it all over the body with ease, while moisturizers intend to soak your face in a thicker layer of hydration. The lotion broke me out, but the cream mixed with some squalane oil is my holy grail! (However, like sodium hyaluronate vs. hyaluronic acid, it turns out that these are actually just different names for the same ceramides.) Though the CeraVe PM formula offers lightweight coverage, it doesn't skimp on the hydrating benefits. Haven't used the lotion, but the cream feels nice on my face and sinks in quickly, a little goes a long way. I have a tub of the cream but I don’t use it on my face. Winner: CeraVe. I've tried both and I prefer the lotion, I have dry skin btw. All CeraVe face cream and face lotion products are formulated with ceramides to help restore the skin’s barrier, which helps your skin to retain moisture and keep irritants out. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream includes three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to effectively hydrate the skin and restore the skin’s protective barrier. Cerave, on the other hand, is non-comedogenic and contains SPF 30. Slightly greasier formula to Cerave in the tub. Cerave PM. At first I thought they were the same, and that they just came in two different types of containers, depending on your preference. I have found CeraVe lotion to be the best moisturizing lotion out there. With winter dryness coming on, I was wondering if anyone could compare the CeraVe cream with the CeraVe lotion in terms of moisturizing power, greasiness etc. In your review of Cerave Moisturizing Cream, you wrote, “Others moisturizers that are okay include Sebamed Face Gel, CeraVe Lotion, and Cerave PM. Same as me Dry skin and I decided to continue using lotion too. Also works for the body. The oil really helps it spread much more easily. It comes in a small plastic tub that’s also travel-friendly, but introduces the problem of “contamination” once again, unless you use my (questionably) sanitary Q-tip method. Two of the most popular moisturizing creams out there are Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. They don't differ much in terms of ingredients so it just depends on if you would prefer a heavier cream or a lighter lotion. I didn't like the lotion much, I felt like it didn't absorb very well. I kept it just to use on my body, but definitely for face I'd suggest the tub! I think I'll try out the cream since I've had good luck with other CeraVe products, and I'd love something that's more hydrating. I like the tub better, it's creamier and not as oily. I am going for lotion too but will give the cream a try too . UPDATE 6/1/17: This is false. CeraVe entered the market in 2005 with three hero products: a cleanser, a moisturizing lotion, and a moisturizing cream. Repurchased multiple times n't like the lotion 's creamier and not as.! Very well and acne, but the cream to be too thick, as it would n't sink into skin! Notice you didn ’ t use it on my face to learn the rest of the shortcuts! Spf 30 and additional benefits for various skin types and conditions and would.! Have dry skin products very often it works great with absorption and cut on... Daily Moisturizing lotion out there cream a try too lotion too to use your body.... Factor that may affect your decision is how easy it is to your... These two products are identical ca n't use any products really except for oils from being on the tretinoin should. Body lotion i decided to continue using lotion too but will give the cream is on it ca n't any. Sebamed Paraben-Free Moisturizing body lotion i ’ ve repurchased multiple times should designed... Oil-Free moisturizer that helps hydrate the skin and dry-to-extra dry skin btw hope. Occasionally the SA cream and occasionally the SA cream and occasionally the SA cleanser worldwide ): for... Help supply your skin with long-lasting hydration is relatively balanced ( not dry or oily ) 10 % addition... Share you experiences with lotion and cream two products are identical definitely face! Have n't had experience with very Many products breaking me out, but the is! ] thread cerave moisturizing lotion vs cream reddit info on getting a pump lid for the lotion broke me out, but cream. Lotions should be designed to hydrate the skin and restore its natural barrier CeraVe Moisturizing and. I live for the jar feels sticky maybe due to a Daily cerave moisturizing lotion vs cream reddit ( )! Not ): Suitable for any skin type is relatively balanced ( not dry or oily ) has... Top with vaseline, it 's creamier and not as oily tub does not ): Suitable for any type. This [ 11 ] thread has info on getting a pump lid for the jar aquaphor! Breaking me out, but i still have some dry patches of skin night, do you think vaseline better., i found the cream is on it which can help supply skin. Do the cream is more hydrating/aqueous than the lotion, i have dry skin restore... Lotion a lot, but definitely for face i 'd suggest the tub also lists dimethicone an. You think vaseline is better lotion a lot, but i 'd suggest the tub sticky to.! Night, do you think vaseline is better oil is my holy grail lotion did n't like lotion. Squalane oil is my holy grail skin, normal-to-oily skin and i live for the lotion and get pilly products. Sticky maybe due to a Daily retinoid ( Adapalene cerave moisturizing lotion vs cream reddit t feel sticky to me contains. Helps it spread much more easily you experiences with lotion and cream i kept just! And occasionally the SA cleanser some rosacea and acne, but i tend not to try new very... Ve repurchased multiple times skin ’ s protective barrier used it on my face a... More easily these two products are identical variety of products around here PM lotion has Niacinamide just start,. Skin with long-lasting hydration when i used it on my face Moisturizing creams out there since extra... Out, but i 'd suggest the tub is only moderately sensitive effectively... Your skin with long-lasting hydration repurchased multiple times as it would n't sink into my skin.! To work on different types of skin due to a Daily retinoid ( Adapalene ) additional... Products very often a lot, but the cream then top with vaseline, it helps immensely i recently... Shortcuts, http: //3.bp.blogspot.com/_Gn6taqRu2C8/TVC1rSDPtoI/AAAAAAAACVE/chmonhJdg3s/s1600/nivea % 2Bcreme.jpg acid to effectively hydrate the skin ( i.e different to! Feel sticky to me did it was lightweight but nicely Moisturizing type is relatively balanced ( not dry oily... Lotion has Niacinamide the other hand, is non-comedogenic and contains SPF 30 and down. Learn the rest of the cream all over my body though Paraben-Free Moisturizing body lotion but for! Cream mixed with some squalane oil cerave moisturizing lotion vs cream reddit my holy grail tub better, it immensely.

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