Summer Exhibition Featuring Ann Oram RSW and Georgia Cox 1 August - 31 August 2019

Ann Oram RSW and Georgia Cox feature in this stunning summer exhibition.

Ann Oram RSW

Ann embraces a variety of mediums - oil, watercolour, acrylic and ink, frequently combining all of these in her mixed media paintings to achieve the effect she wants. Unusually in her watercolour work she often embraces (usually unwanted) "blooms" - where watercolour back-runs when a wet wash is flooded into another - to create further effect, evident in 'Summer Flowers and Petals' illustrated in the exhibition.

Georgia Cox

Georgia uses the natural world as source and inspiration for her work.  Using oil paint, she explores the sensual characteristics of flowers and plants, capturing their essence by enhancing their velvety, crêpe and pearlescent qualities. There is a melancholic beauty to her floraI work as its decay has a poignancy that fascinates her.  Georgia experiments with harmonious, vibrant, combinations of colour as well as gold, copper and silver leaf for its opulent and shimmering effect, building up layers that she then scores, rubs away and re-paints into a textural palimpsest.  She is inspired by the Dutch Flower Painters of the 17th century, Medieval illuminated manuscripts, Japanese antique screens and Tudor portraits for their rich qualities of colour, intricate detail and skilled craftsmanship.

Image illustrated: Ann Oram RSW | Field Edge, Blue Sky | acrylic | 30 x 40 cm