Summer Exhibition 1 August - 31 August 2018

New works by artists Georgia Cox and Anne-Marie Butlin

(image illustrated: Georgia Cox | Assembly | oil on board | 31 x 31 cm)

Georgia uses the natural world as source and inspiration for her work.  Using oil paint, she explores the sensual characteristics of flowers and plants, capturing their essence by enhancing their velvety, crêpe and pearlescent qualities. There is a melancholic beauty to her floraI work as its decay has a poignancy that fascinates her.  Georgia experiments with harmonious, vibrant, combinations of colour as well as gold, copper and silver leaf for its opulent and shimmering effect, building up layers that she then scores, rubs away and re-paints into a textural palimpsest.  She is inspired by the Dutch Flower Painters of the 17th century, Medieval illuminated manuscripts, Japanese antique screens and Tudor portraits for their rich qualities of colour, intricate detail and skilled craftsmanship.

Georgia explains “Repetition and pattern have been central themes in my work since I started painting. I see this as Gestalt, a building up of small elements to make a whole which is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Armoury, quilting and tiles are sources of inspiration as well as an interest in Mandalas and the Fibonacci sequence for their detailed and mathematical approaches to pattern and form in nature.  I tend not to work to a plan, instead, I enjoy the serendipity of working from the middle outwards.  It is an intricate, organic stepping stone approach and process of emergence and discovery."

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Anne-Marie's inspiration comes from the things she loves.  She has a fascination with flowers growing freely in the countryside and in more formal gardens. She captures the beauty of the subject with great originality creating striking yet peaceful work.  The impact of her paintings, especially with her garden paintings, is impossible to ignore.  Her palette is subtle and her tones close, giving the paintings a feeling of quiet and calm.

Anne-Marie has been painting and exhibiting for nearly 25 years since training in Fine Art at Loughborough College of Art, as well as working in art education and raising her family.  She currently lives and paints full-time in her garden in Crouch End, North London.
Anne-Marie explains “All my work is essentially an attempt to make a beautiful, uplifting image. In both my garden and still life paintings I hope to convey the character of different flowers and the unique feeling they can create in a space; the strong structures and often the sheer joyfulness of their appearance. I try to capture the sense of calm that flowers can give us; a chance to contemplate and meditate, and remember our connection with the natural world.”

Anne-Marie's work combines strong traditional technical skill with a modern sensibility and they appeal to a wide range of people; working just as well in a simple modern interior as in a period home.

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