Silvi Schaumloeffel 26 March 2022 - 20 April 2022

'Take Time to Smell the Flowers'

Silvi is an expressive contemporary oil painter living and working in Oxfordshire.  Her desire is to share a personal experience of a place and invite the viewer along to visually explore and engage in the same adventure. Silvi's paintings have a vitality, a spirit, almost a contagious quality that has already proved hard to resist.  Creativity is a process with many painterly decisions made along the way, not all these successful, many are surprising, but they all add to the joy of creating.  The pushing of paint, the playing with colour, mark making and visual design -these traces of the creative process are an essential part of her work.

Silvi’s fundamental quest is to express something personal, subjective and emotive in a lyrical abstracted way. Her love for lush rich oil paint shows in the application and the dynamic surface of her paintings.   Silvi explains: “What excites me is the direct dialogue between the canvas, the paint, my gestures and my brush.  The paintings don't just paint themselves, it feels as if I work and wrestle, sometimes dance with them. The narrative is in the paint itself and laid bare by way of application.  I paint from sketches and memories away from references, towards my personal and sensory experiences.  I work with a great range of marks and brushes, allowing the paint to take over and respond in an honest and lively way. This intimate chat between me and my paintings leads to engaging, multifaceted works that are fresh and very personal.”

We are very excited to be holding this, Silv's first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Painting illustrated:  Magnolia Heaven Scent II | oil on canvas |  76.5 x 102 cm

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