Richard Adams 11 June - 25 June 2022

'Taking Liberties'

How does one describe Richard Adam's paintings?  Visionary, idiosyncratic, surreal, or just plain hilarious?  The answer is probably all of these.  His humour and fertile imagination seem to know no bounds.  Adams creates idylls and then adds quirky people that often float above the ground and seldom stand upright.  His is a whimsical world of earthenware jugs full of cider, tractor rides, wild unabandoned partying and handstand competitions.  Richard is a master of imagination, a champion of originality and a pastel artist of the highest calibre and has an extraordinary ability to connect with the viewer and his saucy sense of humour never fails to provoke a broad smile.

Born in Hampshire, his family later moved to the stunning South Cotswold countryside of Wiltshire, a landscape that has had a strong and lasting influence on his work.  Richard now lives in Rye. 

We are delighted to be holding this greatly anticipated exhibition and have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as us.

Image illustrated:  The Bottom of the Garden | varnished pastel | 50 x 70 cm

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