Peter White 13 October 2018 - 9 November 2018

Ordinary objects made huge - or very small. There is no middle ground with Peter White. Images of bowls, boxes, boats, books and flowers force us to look at ordinary objects in an entirely different way. Using a mix of oil, wax and acrylic he gives a unique, almost spiritual rendering to these paintings. In one way they appear to be simple images but look closely and the eye reveals a complex structure of deep furrows and rivulets on the paint surface which evokes a sense of mystery that is sometimes quite disturbing. This is particularly evident in his very large works, such as 'Boat' where the ghostly image of the boat seems to propel itself forward from another world, and ''Book I’ whose rugged surface reveals an infinite variety of marks that can be interpreted in a host of different ways.
These are immensely powerful, challenging paintings from an artist with a unique vision.
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