Jane Hooper 19 September 2020 - 10 October 2020

Join us on the last weekend to view this uplifting exhibition by Jane Hooper. 

Jane's paintings depict simple subjects, often still life arrangements of vases, jugs, flowers on a table commonly found in her everyday domestic environment. Her muted palette gives her paintings a tonal subtlety and her choice of limited subjects give a purity to her work.  Jane has been painting for the past twenty years, constantly refining her technique.  She’s an artist that will make you crave more wall space and we’re thrilled to be holding a solo exhibition to highlight her beautiful paintings. 

The artist explains:
I have always enjoyed drawing from an early age, then I discovered oil paints and have never looked back. I have a real passion for simple, uncomplicated still life, choosing vegetables and flowers from the garden as my main subject matter.  I often pair them with kitchen scales or other domestic objects. Colour is important too.  I am very drawn to a subtle palette and my aim is to make the colour I choose work in harmony.  

This will be my first solo exhibition and I have thoroughly enjoyed painting for it, which I hope is evident.  It has made me work hard and I have chosen subjects I may not have chosen if I weren’t working to a deadline.  At times it has been strange working in lockdown but there have been advantages too.  It has meant that the slower and more gentle pace of life has enabled me to enjoy the process of  producing a solo exhibition.”

Jane is a self-taught artist currently based in Buckinghamshire and has been painting for the past twenty years, constantly refining her technique and it is still life that has become her passion.

Painting illustrated:  The Garden | oil on canvas |  100 x 150 cm

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