Elsa Taylor 16 March 2024 - 16 April 2024

We are very excited to introduce you to ‘Flowers and Landscapes’. Thirty new oil paintings by Elsa Taylor marking her eighth solo exhibition with the gallery.

Elsa is well known for being a colourist, and her use of intense colour is immediately apparent in both her still-life flower paintings and landscapes. Flowers feature strongly in this exhibition and are so visually pleasing, whether it be with a simple brush stroke, or with a free hand, or a palette knife, she is able to experiment with shapes, and then with that defining touch of colour, the subject is illuminated against its background. Elsa’s flower paintings, at times semi-abstract, are more celebrations of colour, design and texture, capturing the intrinsic character of the subject rather than a slavish depiction of the flowers themselves.

In Elsa’s landscape paintings we find layers of rich colour and texture which combine to depict the  natural landscape and with the occasional village or hill house her impressionistic compositions evoke an emotional response. The Cotswolds have been a strong influence, as has the different landscapes of Cornwall, Scotland and Italy.

Elsa gathers inspiration from wide open spaces as well the solitary object or a single flower standing on its own, but in all cases she expresses her subject matter in colour and with a range of shapes that verge on the abstract.

Due to popular demand, this beautiful exhibition 'Flowers and Landscapes' will continue until 10th April 2024.  

To view all available paintings by Elsa please click here