Elaine Kazimierczuk 10 - 23 February 2019

"I paint landscapes mainly – not broad sweeping moorlands with acres of moody sky, but more intimate places – gardens, hedgerows, meadows and woodland. My connection to the natural world is the legacy of nature walks as a child – so my work, when it comes down to it, is about my personal experiences. Because painting is personal; in my work I offer you my response to the entropy of the natural environment in all its untidiness and brash self-adornment, that ‘assemblage of wild beauty’ - a phrase a critic once used to describe my work – I like that expression, it neatly describes the intended effect.

In larger pieces I’m trying to create an immersive experience – one where you’re drowned in the image and can’t take the whole thing in at once – one where you can have a close encounter with work and experience the paint surface, the brush strokes and scratches, the marks and textures; for this, size matters. I often make multi-paneled pieces, fragmenting the landscape into a series of ‘windows’, because in that way, I can frame the images, as I see them."

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