Elaine Kazimierczuk 10 February - 23 February 2019

Colourful and striking, Elaine Kazimierczuk’s paintings are impossible to ignore.  Full of energy and vitality and inspired by the natural world, many of her works are interpretations of intimately-known localities.   In her semi-abstract studies of meadows, trees and hedgerows, she achieves a tension between looseness and control, which enables her to convey the sense of place.  Elaine is a self-taught artist who paints very much in her own style.  Frequently working on a red ground which resonates with the vibrant over-painting, she adopts a bold approach, so that there is an evident freedom in the brushwork.  In many paintings, where her mark-making appears unpremeditated, colour heightened paint applied spontaneously, touched or scraped, there is a judiciously managed untidiness about the work.  The result is a kind of chaos but one which captures the intricate assemblage of the wild beauty she finds in nature.

"Some of my paintings are based on wild flower meadows which are maintained by the charity 'Plantlife'  and I have pledged a donation to the organisation from the proceeds of these sales. I’m supporting 'Plantlife' because I want future generations to continue to enjoy our natural heritage. 'Plantlife' is doing invaluable work to save endangered plant species and their habitats. I hope my work will encourage others to make an emotional connection to these precious places, as I do – one which inspires us to value and protect the natural world"  Elaine Kazimierczuk

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